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AppScope 1.3.1

2023-03-21 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

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Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.3.1.

Security Fixes

AppScope 1.3.0

2023-03-21 - Feature Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

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Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.3.0.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.3.0 introduces features that support analyzing crashes, obtaining snapshots of processes, troubleshooting transports, and dynamically managing configs. Meanwhile, AppScope's architecture, connection and payload handling, container-awareness, and CLI are all improved.

AppScope 1.3.0 introduces support for:

  • Instrumenting Go executables on ARM.
  • Scoping apps running in LXC and LXD containers.

The Crash Analysis and Snapshot Features

Whenever a scoped app crashes, AppScope can obtain a core dump, a backtrace (i.e., stack trace), or both, while capturing supplemental information in text files.

AppScope can generate a snapshot file containing debug information about processes that are running normally or crashing, unscoped or scoped.

Troubleshooting Transports and Dynamically Managing Configs

AppScope now uses inter-process communication (IPC) to interact with processes in new ways. These include determining whether the process is scoped or not. If the process is scoped, AppScope can:

  • Determine the status of the transport AppScope is trying to use to convey events and metrics to a destination. This helps troubleshoot "Why am I getting no events or metrics?" scenarios.
  • Retrieve or dynamically update (modify) the AppScope config currently in effect.

Improved Handling of Connections

AppScope now uses a backoff algorithm for connections to avoid creating excessive network traffic and log entries. When a remote destination that AppScope tries to connect to rejects the connection or is not available, AppScope retries the connection at a progressively slower rate.

Improved Handling of Payloads

When the payloads feature is enabled, setting SCOPE_PAYLOAD_TO_DISK to true now guarantees that AppScope will write payloads to the local directory specified in SCOPE_PAYLOAD_DIR.

Simplified Architecture

The ldscope utility no longer exists, and you can use CLI commands instead; ldscope.log has been renamed as libscope.log.

CLI Improvements

The AppScope CLI is enhanced in the following ways:

  • scope start can now attach to processes running in rootless and nested containers.
  • scope detach, when run with the new --all flag, detaches from all processes at once.
  • scope stop, a new command, runs scope detach --all, removes the filter file from the system, and removes scope from service configurations. This undoes the effects of the scope attach, scope start, and/or scope service commands.
  • scope snapshot obtains debug information about a running or crashing process, regardless of whether or not the process is scoped.
  • scope --passthrough replaces scope run --passthrough.

Three commands use IPC, which is new in AppScope 1.3.0. scope inspect and scope update are completely new, while scope ps has new capabilities thanks to IPC.

  • scope inspect retrieves the AppScope config currently in effect and determines the status of the transport AppScope is trying to use.
  • scope update modifies the current AppScope config.
  • scope ps now determines whether the processes it lists are scoped or not.


  • #1328 Scoping Terraform – e.g., scope terraform plan – no longer causes Terraform to crash.
  • #1310 Follow mode – i.e., running scope events -f to see the scoped app's events scrolling – works correctly again, fixing a regression in recent versions of AppScope.
  • #1293 AppScope no longer causes Redis to crash when Redis (running as a service, and scoped) receives a GET or SET command.
  • #1252 AppScope no longer uses the UPX executable file compressor, avoiding scenarios where some Java applications crashed when scoped.
  • #1153 The scope ps command no longer erroneously reports that a process is scoped even after scope detach has been run for that process.

AppScope 1.2.2

2023-01-18 - Maintenance Release

AppScope 1.2.2 fixes a critical security vulnerability in OpenSSL: CVE-2022-3602. Cribl strongly recommends upgrading to AppScope 1.2.2 as soon as possible. See this AppScope security advisory.

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.2.2.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.2.2 introduces:

  • Support for OCI containers run by the Podman container engine. See issue #1216.
  • Support for writing payloads to files on disk while simultaneously sending events and metrics to Cribl Stream or Cribl Edge. To do this, use the new environment variable SCOPE_PAYLOAD_TO_DISK together with existing env vars SCOPE_CRIBL_ENABLE and SCOPE_PAYLOAD_ENABLE, as described here. See issue #1158.

AppScope 1.2.2 also updates the UPX executable packer from version 4.0.0 to version 4.0.1. See issue #1214.


  • #1258 A scoped application no longer crashes when one of its network connections is closed and then an attempt is made to send or receive data on the same connection.
  • #1251 A scoped, running process no longer crashes when you change configurations and the new configuration defines a protocol that the old configuration also defines.
  • #1197 When run in a container that is itself inside a container (i.e., Docker in Docker), AppScope now successfully locates the host namespace.

Security Fixes

  • #1182 AppScope 1.2.2 updates OpenSSL from version 3.0.0 to version 3.0.7, fixing an OpenSSL security vulnerability, as described in this AppScope security advisory.

AppScope 1.2.1

2022-12-07 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.2.1.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.2.1 introduces:

  • Support for attaching to processes running in LXD and LXC containers.
  • A new --all or -a flag for the scope detach command. Running scope detach --all detaches AppScope from all processes.


  • #1055 AppScope now successfully attaches to processes given certain combinations of mount and PID namespaces that previously caused attach to fail.
  • #1192 Attempting to scope applications that use their own custom-built versions of system libraries no longer causes those applications to crash. However, scoping such applications is not supported, and AppScope will return a failed to find libc in target process error.
  • #1186 Scoping a MySQL process no longer causes mysqld to crash.

AppScope 1.2.0

2022-11-09 - Feature Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.2.0.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.2.0 introduces substantial new functionality:

  • The new scope start command, which takes a filter list as an argument. The filter list has an allowlist section for specifying which processes to scope (along with desired configs), and an optional denylist section for specifying which processes not to scope. Related issues: #987,#1027,#1038,#1069.
  • Integration with Cribl Edge and Cribl Stream version 4.0, whose built-in AppScope Source now supports creating filters (equivalent to editing the filter list described above). Cribl Edge and Cribl Stream also now provide an AppScope Config Editor for creating AppScope config files (variants of scope.yml) and storing them in an AppScope Config Library.
  • The new scope detach command, which stops scoping a process without terminating that process. Related issues: #370,#1039,#1085,#1087,#1088,#1089,#1094,#1107,#1129.
  • To attach to or detach from a process running in a container, it is no longer necessary to run AppScope within the container. You can just scope the container processes from the host. Related issues: #1061, #1119.
  • Support for executables built with Go 1.19. (This release also removes support for executables built with Go 1.8.) Related issue: #1073.

This release also improves the scope ps command, which now lists all scoped processes rather than listing all processes into which the library was loaded. Related issue: #1097.

AppScope 1.1.3

2022-09-06 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available from the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.1.3.


  • #1067 When you run scope attach and then select an ID that's beyond the range of the resulting list, AppScope now handles this gracefully, and the AppScope CLI no longer crashes.
  • #1080 On an M1 Mac, trying to scope a Go static executable in a Docker container emulating x86_64 Linux results in an address mapping conflict between the Go executable and the emulator. AppScope now handles this limitation by allowing the Go executable to run un-scoped. With this fix, the Go executable no longer segfaults.

AppScope 1.1.2

2022-08-09 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available from the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.1.2.

New Features and Improvements

  • #1025 The process‑start message (the start.msg event) now includes a total of four identifiers. By itself, the new UUID process ID is unique for a given machine. In principle, UUID together with the new Machine ID constitutes a tuple ID that is unique across all machine namespaces. Here's a summary of the IDs available in AppScope 1.1.2:

    • UUID (new in AppScope 1.1.2), with key uuid and a value in canonical UUID form. UUID is a universally-unique process identifier, meaning that no two processes will ever have the same UUID value on the same machine.
    • Machine ID (new in AppScope 1.1.2), with key machine_id and a value that AppScope obtains from /etc/machine-id. The machine ID uniquely identifies the host, as described in the man page. When /etc/machine-id is not available (e.g., in Alpine, or in a container), AppScope generates the machine ID using a repeatable MD5 hash of the host's first MAC address. Two containers on the same host can have the same machine ID.
    • Process ID, with key pid and a value that is always unique at any given time, but that the machine can reuse for different processes at different times.
    • ID, with key id and a value that concatenates (and may truncate) the scoped app's hostname, procname, and command. This value is not guaranteed to be unique.
  • #1037 You can now run scope service on Linux distros that use the OpenRC init manager (e.g., Alpine), as well as on distros that use systemd (which was already supported). See the CLI reference.


  • #1035 The scope service command no longer ignores the -c (--cribldest), -e (--eventdest), and -m (--metricdest) options.

AppScope 1.1.1

2022-07-12 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available from the Cribl CDN at the links below.

To obtain the MD5 checksum for any file above, add .md5 to the file path.

Assets other than AWS Lambda Layers are available in the Docker container tagged cribl/scope:1.1.1.

New Features and Improvements

  • #964 AppScope downloadable assets now include AWS Lambda Layers for x86 and for ARM, along with their respective MD5 checksums.


  • #1017 AppScope now correctly handles the "peek" flag in interposed functions that receive network data. Before this change, when a server "peeked" at the first byte of data, AppScope counted that byte twice, which broke protocol detection. This fix enables AppScope to correctly produce HTTP events when scoping a server that uses "peek" flags.
  • #1006 AppScope now correctly instruments the child processes of an sshd process started by a server. To do this, AppScope interposes both the execve and execv system calls, and overrides some of the sandboxing that sshd normally imposes using setrlimit. Interposing execv is new, and gives AppScope visibility into sshd child processes. Changing setrlimit settings enables AppScope to perform actions required by AppScope's configured backend and transport, such as establishing connections, creating threads, and creating files.

AppScope 1.1.0

2022-06-28 - Minor Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.1.0 introduces improved capabilities for scoping Go applications:

  • #637 Support for go17 and go18.
  • #904 Support for HTTP2 when scoping Go executables.
  • #667 AppScope's own internal libc, which resolves problems we'd seen when scoping Go apps that handle signals.

Usability improvements include:

  • #917 Individual on/off control for all classes of metric data using metric watch types, via the config file or environment variables. Since event watch types already existed, this means that you can now turn all classes of events and metrics on or off individually.
  • #812 Metric and event schemas now include more informative definitions.
  • #969 The start message (start.msg) event which AppScope sends when log level is info or debug is now documented in the schema.
  • #938 A new SCOPE_ERROR_SIGNAL_HANDLER environment variable, provided for situations where a scoped app is crashing. Setting this variable to true sends backtrace information to the log, which can help you diagnose problems.
  • #498 AppScope can now accept remote commands over UNIX sockets or non-TLS TCP connections.
  • #970, #988 Better controls for redacting binary data that would otherwise show up in AppScope output. In the AppScope library, SCOPE_ALLOW_BINARY_CONSOLE can now be set using the environment variable (prior to 1.1.0, the only available method) or in the config file. For the library, its default value has been changed from false to true. Meanwhile, the CLI still defaults to allowbinary=false, because allowing binary data in CLI output makes sense only in rare cases.


  • #781 Delivery of data as processes exit is now more consistent.
  • #918 When AppScope reports its configuration (upon start of a new scoped process), it now includes the formerly missing cribl section describing Cribl backend configuration.
  • #994 When you try to scope a Go application on ARM, which is not supported, AppScope now leaves the Go app un-instrumented, allowing the app to run normally. Before this bug was discovered and fixed, a scoped Go app on ARM would not run at all.

AppScope 1.0.4

2022-05-10 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.


AppScope 1.0.4 aims to resolve reported connectivity issues.

  • #896 AppScope now creates a connection dedicated to transmitting payload data only if payloads are enabled.
  • #665 AppScope now has safeguards to ensure that AppScope does not interfere with scoped processes exiting.
  • #869 AppScope now uses an improved algorithm for omitting raw binary data from console events. The improved algorithm is better able to handle commands that switch back and forth between outputting text and outputting raw binary data to the console.

AppScope 1.0.3

2022-04-12 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.


AppScope 1.0.3 improves the quality of results when scoping Go executables:

  • #738 When scoping Go executables, AppScope is now able to produce events from two more Go functions: unlinkat and getdents. AppScope already had the ability to interpose the equivalent system calls in C (unlink, unlinkat, readdir).
  • #864 When scoping Go executables that call the openat function, AppScope no longer fails to collect events. This brings AppScope up to date with changes to openat in recent versions of Go.
  • #862 When scoping dynamic Go executables, AppScope no longer falsely logs nonexistent errors.

AppScope 1.0.2

2022-03-15 - Maintenance Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope 1.0.2 introduces fine-grained control of scope events output:

  • #826 When you do filtering or matching with scope events, AppScope now shows all results by default. (The filtering/matching options are --sort, --match, --source, and --sourcetype.) Alternatively, you can limit the number of events with the --last option, e.g., scope events --last 20.

    • When you are not filtering or matching, scope events shows the last 20 results by default. Use --last to specify a different limit, or --all to see all results.
  • #20 You can now specify one or more field names, with scope events --fields, and the output will show only those field names and their values alongside each event. (If you want to restrict output to only those events which contain the selected fields, add the --match option.)
  • #813 You can use the --sort option to sort by a top-level field (i.e., a top-level element of the event body). By default, this returns events sorted in descending order, both for numeric values (such as timestamps) and string values (such as the values for the proc field). To sort in ascending order, add the --reverse flag.

Another usability improvement applies to the CLI as a whole:

  • #611 Given combinations of arguments that don't make sense, scope now responds with an error.


  • #825 Output of scope events is now rendered on one line.
  • #728 Added more check (_chk) functions to, without which a scoped command could fail when that command had been compiled with a particular GCC toolchain.
  • #787 Through improved HTTP pipelining support, AppScope now avoids some cases where the http_method field in HTTP events contained junk. This work continues in #829.
  • #800 AppScope now checks for conditions which caused Java applications to crash when scoped, and avoids the crashes by applying fallback behaviors where necessary.

AppScope 1.0.1

2022-02-28 - Update to GA Release

Assets are available via Docker and the Cribl CDN at the links below.


AppScope 1.0.1 updates event and metric names. The AppScope team strongly recommends using AppScope 1.0.1 and not 1.0.0.


  • #815 Names of events and metrics are now complete, correct, and consistent with the original design intent.

AppScope 1.0.0

2022-02-15 - GA Release

This release has been replaced by AppScope 1.0.1.

New Features and Improvements

AppScope's official v1 release includes advances in metric capture and forwarding, stabilization, formal schema definition and associated standardization, and enhanced filesystem events.


  • #426 You can now scope (attach to) a running process on ARM64.


  • #678 Time zone is present in all logs.
  • #636 The log level of the missing uv_fileno error is reduced to debug level.

Events and Metrics

  • #644 Application-specific metrics can be captured.
  • #725 Metrics and events are now defined in JSON Schema.
  • #723 Metrics and events are now standardized. (Summary here.)
  • #699 Added an option to enable events via configuration file entries.
  • #402 Added support for readdir to fs events.
  • #709 Added support for unlinks / file removals to fs events.
  • #162 Added and net.close metrics.

Data Routing

  • #697 Transport defaults and priorities have changed. (Summary here.)
  • #661 The process uid and gid are now present in the cribl connection header.
  • #670, #700, #707 Added an edge transport type, with its own default search path and CLI support.
  • #571 Added support for a unix:// destination in the CLI.


  • #640 An error message is now generated when AppScope can't attach to a static executable.
  • #677, #687 Fixed HTTP header extraction.
  • #737 Fixed a seg fault on a busy Jenkins.
  • #232 Fixed HTTP metric aggregation.
  • #657 apt-get no longer hangs.

AppScope 0.8.1

2021-12-21 - Maintenance Pre-Release

  • Improvement: #533 AppScope logs now include dropped message and connection failure indicators, which make it easier to diagnose TCP/TLS connection issues, or to see when no data is flowing from a scoped process.
  • Improvement: #534 AppScope log entries now include timestamps, e.g., [2021-10-20 17:48:36.974]. This timestamp format is ambiguous, and a fix is planned for AppScope 1.0.0. See #678.
  • Improvement: #229 When a process starts, the User Identifier (UID) and Group Identifier (GID) now appear in AppScope's proc.start metric and process start event (also known as TCP JSON connection header).
  • Fix: #650 When scoping a process with TLS, and that process does not last long enough for AppScope to complete the TLS connection, AppScope no longer causes the scoped process to crash.

AppScope 0.8.0

2021-10-26 - Maintenance Pre-Release

  • Improvement: #543 HTTP events are now all processed by the library, not LogStream as was the case previously.
  • Improvement: #572 The CLI now supports invoking a configuration file, using the syntax scope run -u scope.yml -- foo where scope.yml is the configuration file and foo is the command being scoped.
  • Improvement: #241,#271,#379 The ARM64 limitations described in #241 are resolved and no longer apply, except that Go executables remain unsupported on ARM64.
  • Fix: #598 Attempting to scope an executable that is Go version 1.17 or newer no longer causes AppScope to crash. AppScope does not support Go 1.17 yet, but now recognizes these executables and displays an informative message.
  • Fix: #481,#575 With musl libc-based distros, previous limitations on filesystem write events are now resolved, and no longer apply.
  • Fix: #397,#403,#567,#586 With musl libc-based distros and Java, previous limitations on scope attach are now resolved and no longer apply.

AppScope 0.7.5

2021-10-05 - Maintenance Pre-Release

  • Improvement: #462, #540 Add support for sending event/metric output to a Unix domain socket.
  • Improvement: #492 Add support for custom configuration with new custom section in scope.yml.
  • Improvement: #489 Streamline configuration file structure by eliminating scope_protocol.yml and merging its content into scope.yml.
  • Improvement: #503 Promote the tags section of scope.yml to top level, removing it from the metric > format section. This change is not backwards-compatible.

AppScope 0.7.4

2021-09-14 - Maintenance Pre-Release

  • Fix: #264,#525 scope k8s now (1) supports specifying the namespace to install into, and (2) when the ConfigMap in that namespace is edited, automatically propagates the changes to all namespaces instrumented with the label scope=enabled.

AppScope 0.7.3

2021-09-01 - Maintenance/Hotfix Pre-Release

  • Fix: #516 Where scope'd processes use TLS, child processes no longer get stuck in fork calls.
  • Fix: #442 Remove TLS exit handling code that is no longer needed.
  • Fix: #518 Fix a build caching issue.

AppScope 0.7.2

2021-08-17 - Maintenance Pre-Release

  • Improvement: #241 Add experimental support for ARM64 architecture, with limitations.
  • Improvement: #401 When scope attaches to a bash process, it now emits events for any child processes.
  • Improvement: #395 Add a new environment variable, SCOPE_CONNECT_TIMEOUT_SECS, to configure wait behavior. This prevents events and metrics from being dropped when a scoped command exits quickly while using a connection with network latency.
  • Improvement: #311 AppScope can now stream HTTP payloads to LogStream, whether the payloads originate as HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2 traffic. LogStream then converts the payloads to HTTP events.
  • Fix: #407 To prevent errors, scope prune now rejects negative numbers as arguments. Positive arguments implicitly mean "how many sessions back" to delete or keep.
  • Fix: #416 Ensure that file descriptors opened by libscope are not closed by SSH, to avoid scenarios where processes operating over network connections can get stuck at 100% CPU utilization.
  • Fix: #417 Ensure that AppScope performs exit handling only after SSL is finished. This avoids double free errors where the OpenSSL exit handler, being called while TLS is not enabled, frees memory that was not allocated.
  • Fix: #327 Protocol-detect events now use the net event type, which prevents them from being dropped by periodic threads.

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

AppScope 0.7.1

2021-07-20 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvement: #363 Add a new scope ps command to report on all processes into which the libscope library is loaded.
  • Improvement: #363 Add support for attaching to a process by name (preserving existing attach by PID functionality), for example: scope attach NAME.
  • Improvement: #304 Add support for configuring an authToken to pass to LogStream as a header, using scope run -a ${authToken} in the CLI, or the cribl section of scope.yml.
  • Improvement: #368 Add the new -n or --nobreaker option for configuring LogStream breaker behavior from AppScope. This option prevents LogStream from running Event Breakers on an AppScope Source. The --nobreaker option can only be used with LogStream starting with version 3.0.4.
  • Improvement: #359 Users who run scope as root now see the message WARNING: Session history will be stored in $HOME/.scope/history and owned by root.
  • Improvement: #278 Integration tests are now enabled for PRs to the master and release/* branches.
  • Improvement: #381 Commits to master now redeploy the website only when there are changes in the website/ content.
  • Improvement: #350 In docker-build, add support for:

    • Overriding the build command, for example: make docker-build CMD="make coreall".
    • Passing -u $(id -u):$(id -g) to Docker so that the current user owns build results.
    • Using .dockerignore to omit unnecessary and potentially large items like **/core, website/, test/testContainers.
  • Fix: #364 Improved AppScope's delivery of pending events to a TLS server, upon process exit.
  • Fix: #394 Improved AppScope's regex for determining whether a given filename represents a log file.
  • Fix: #309 The scope flows command now works when stdin is a pipe.
  • Fix: #388 Ensure that all dimension names contain underscores (_) rather than periods (.). The http.status and dimensions have been corrected. This change is not backwards-compatible.
  • Fix: #393 The metrics http.client.duration and http.server.duration are now the correct type, timer. This change is not backwards-compatible.
  • Fix: #358 Cleaned up help for -d and -k options to scope prune.


AppScope 0.7

2021-07-02 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvement: #267,#256 Add support for attaching AppScope to a running process.
  • Improvement: #292 Add support for attaching AppScope to a running process from the CLI.
  • Improvement: #143 Add support for the Alpine Linux distribution, including support for musl libc (the compact glibc alternative on which Alpine and some other Linux distributions are based).
  • Improvement: #164, #286 Add support for TLS over TCP connections, with new TLS-related environment variables shown by the command ldscope --help configuration | grep TLS.
  • Deprecation: #286 Drop support for CentOS 6 (because TLS support requires glibc 2.17 or newer).
  • Improvement: #132 Add new scope logs command to view logs from the CLI.
  • Improvement: Add new scope watch command to run AppScope at intervals of seconds, minutes, or hours, from the CLI.
  • Improvement: Make developer docs available at
  • Fix: #265 Re-direct bash malloc functions to glibc, to avoid segfaults and memory allocation issues.
  • Fix: #279 Correct handling of pointers returned by gnutls, which otherwise could cause git clone to crash.

AppScope 0.6.1

2021-04-26 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvement: #238 Resolve multiple issues with payloads from Node.js processes.
  • Improvement: #257 Add missing console/log events, first observed in Python 3.
  • Improvement: #249 Add support for Go apps built with ‑buildmode=pie.

AppScope 0.6

2021-04-01 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Improvement: #99 Enable augmenting HTTP events with HTTP header and payload information.
  • Improvement: #38 Disable (by default) TLS handshake info in payload capture.
  • Improvement: #36 Enable sending running scope instances a signal to reload fresh configuration.
  • Improvement: #126 Add Resolved IP Addresses list to a DNS response event.
  • Improvement: #100 Add scope run flags to facilitate sending scope data to third-party systems; also add a scope k8s command to facilitate installing a mutating admission webhook in a Kubernetes environment.
  • Improvement: #149 Apply tags set via environment variables to events, to match their application to metrics.
  • Fix: #37 Capture DNS requests' payloads.
  • Fix: #2 Enable scoping of scope.
  • Fix: #35 Improve error messaging and logging when symbols are stripped from Go executables.

AppScope 0.5.1

2021-02-05 - Maintenance Pre-Release

This pre-release addresses the following issues:

  • Fix: #96 Corrects JSON corruption observed in non-US locales.
  • Fix: #101 Removes 10-second processing delay observed in short-lived processes.
  • Fix: #25 Manages contention of multiple processes writing to same data files.

AppScope 0.5

2021-02-05 - Initial Pre-Release

AppScope is now a thing. Its public repo is at