What Is AppScope?

AppScope is a tool that unlocks 100% application observability with near-zero overhead, including for applications and processes whose data is otherwise hard to obtain.

AppScope is an open source, runtime-agnostic instrumentation utility for any Linux command or application. It helps users explore, understand, and gain visibility into any process running in any Linux host or container with no code modification.

AppScope provides the fine-grained observability of a proxy/service mesh, without the latency of a sidecar. It emits APM-like metric and event data, in open formats, to existing log and metric tools.

It’s like strace meets tcpdump – but with consumable output for events like file access, DNS, and network activity, and StatsD-style metrics for applications. AppScope can also look inside encrypted payloads, offering WAF-like visibility without proxying traffic.

AppScope in-terminal monitoring

Instrument, Collect, and Observe with AppScope

AppScope is runtime-agnostic, has no dependencies, and requires no code development. You can use AppScope to:

  • Instrument both static and dynamic executables.
  • Attach to processes while they are running or start when the process does.
  • Run on Alpine Linux, another Linux distribution based on musl libc, or on a glibc-based distro.
  • Communicate safely and securely with TLS over TCP connections.
  • Capture application metrics: File, Network, Memory, CPU.
  • Capture application events: console content, stdin/out, logs, errors.
  • Capture any and all payloads: DNS, HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Summarize metrics and detect protocols.
  • Normalize and forward metrics and events, in real time, to remote systems.