Requirements for AppScope are as follows:

Operating Systems (Linux Only)

AppScope runs on:

  • Ubuntu 16 and later
  • Alpine and other distributions based on musl libc
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 7 and later
  • Amazon Linux 1 and 2
  • Debian

When building AppScope from source, use:

  • Ubuntu 18.04

This restriction is imposed to make the resulting executable more portable.


  • CPU: x86-64 and ARM64 architectures
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Disk: 20MB (library + CLI)

Filesystem Configuration

The distros that AppScope supports all require the use of /tmp, /dev/shm, and /proc. You should avoid custom filesystem configuration that interferes with AppScope's ability to use these directories.

Cross-Compatibility with Cribl Suite

AppScope 1.4.1, Cribl Stream 4.2.1, Cribl Edge 4.2.1, and Cribl Search 4.2.1 are mutually compatible. If you integrate any of these products with earlier versions of peer products, some or all features will be unavailable.

Known Limitations

AppScope can instrument static executables only when they are written in Go.

AppScope cannot:

  • Unload the libscope library, once loaded.
  • Instrument Go executables built with Go 1.10 or earlier.
  • Instrument static stripped Go executables built with Go 1.12 or earlier.
  • Instrument Java executables that use Open JVM 6 or earlier, or Oracle JVM 6 or earlier.
  • Obtain a core dump either (a) for a Go executable, or (b) in a musl libc environment.

When an executable that's being scoped has been stripped, it is not possible for to obtain a file descriptor for an SSL session, and in turn, AppScope cannot include IP and port number fields in HTTP events.

If you run AppScope on a system where AppArmor or SELinux are in an enforcing mode, it can be necessary to modify your AppArmor or SELinux profiles to allow AppScope (and the system as whole) to work normally.